Why is Home Cooking Better than Eating Out? 5 Reasons to Cook at Home

Why is home cooking better

Why is Home Cooking Better than Eating Out Article written by the Spencer Brothers on 7/28/2021. This post contains affiliate links, you can find out more in the disclaimer at the bottom of the blog.

What is Home Cooking?

Although this has a seemingly simple definition, it can be a bit overwhelming for some. Home cooking is simply cooking that is completed, either from scratch or with supplements, from home. Most of our recipes are going to be focused on the former, but sometime the latter is completely necessary and beneficial. But with the convenience that many have grown accustomed to over a year of take out and delivery, it is something needed to have a refresher and ask the question: Why is home cooking better than eating out?

Why is Home Cooking Better than Eating Out

There are several reason why home cooking is better than eating out, and we have a few of the most important ones below. Please remember that we aren’t trying to shame anyone in this article, just provide a fun, friendly reminder of the joys that can be found while cooking in your own kitchen.

Why is home cooking better

Reason #1: Zero Trans Fats

If you make that correct choices at the grocery store, you can ensure that your food will be completely free of Trans fats, which have scientifically been compared to embalming fluid. This type of fat is often found in fast food and other unhealthy types of oils and ingredients. If you are dedicated to home cooking, this is a much underestimated benefit! For more information about fats, you can check out our post about types of fats.

Reason #2: Healthier cooking

Even if you don’t eat at restaurants that actively use trans fats, there is generally a reason there food tastes better than what you may be accustomed to (spoiler alert: it’s usually butter and sugar). When cooking from home, there is nothing wrong with using these ingredients, but it is important for you to have the ability to decide how much makes it into your food.

Reason #3: Cheaper

So, if you’ve gotten to this point and haven’t seen anything convincing yet, here is the big kicker: Home cooking is cheaper. Even if you go all out at home with a steak dinner, potatoes, and a delicious side of veggies (Asparagus for me), you will come out much lower than you would have paying for that same meal at a restaurant. At times, this can be 50% or more in savings compared to restaurants

Reason #4: Choosing ingredients

This does somewhat play into the ‘healthier cooking’ but most importantly, you can pick and choose every ingredient that makes it into your final dish. This can be for dietary reasons or simply because you don’t like certain ingredients normally found in some of your favorite dishes at restaurants. Lastly, the allowances that can be made for personal tastes and preferences can not be understated.

Reason #5: Connections

Whether you are making food for your college roommates or a large group of family, the connections that food causes must never be forgotten. I personally have some of my greatest memories while cooking, whether that is cooking Snickerdoodles with my mom as a kid or rolling out a lovely pizza dough with my 3 year old. These connections create memories that can last forever. As a bonus, there are several very fun cookbooks that re fun to dive into with family and friends, here are a few of our favorites:

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